ERP for small business

ERP-for-SMEGet great control over your SME with small business management software and ERP tools designed to grow with you. Whether you are a small company or start-up manufacturing companies you are probably using a system of basic accounting software and may be possible that you are using excel or any other system to track you work process and work report.

As your business grows your system can directly assist in improving your productivity through managing resource, saving time. ERP for small business is a backbone of any business and mainly for manufacturer to monitor, track, trace and communicate with business activity.  The SAP ERP is based on common database that supports numerous functions such as human resources, sales, inventory management, accounting, order management, and customer service.

ERP for small business is built on a shared database, that supports numerous functions like as accounting, human resources, inventory management, order management, sales and customer service. ERP for SME is specially design for small business who are dealing in Manufacturing, inventory control, sales and distribution, as well as financial management that automates key operating functions.