Get 360 Degree View of the Business with SAP Business One ERP

Get 360 Degree View of the Business with SAP Business One ERP

The ERP software platform, SAP Business One is designed intending to aid small and medium enterprises. Usually, large enterprises implement ERP software solutions to manage their processes and big data. They are designed to meet the needs of functions and data needs of large organisations. However, SAP B1 ERP software solution is designed to cater to the needs of SMEs rather than the large and complex needs of huge organizations.

SAP B1 is a unified platform that has various functional modules integrated. They are designed to offer a 360-degree view of the organization’s processes and functions and centralize the data into a single user interface. The functional modules in SAP B1 are customer relationship management, purchasing and procurement, reporting and analytics, finance and warehousing in production management. It includes all the functional areas of businesses and develops a centralized user interface which offers a complete view of the business.

SAP B1 was built on the Microsoft SQL server and run on it as well. With the advancements and modifications in the platform, it also runs on the SAP HANA in-memory platform now. It can be easily accessed through a mobile app for can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud.

Financial management

Finances lay down the foundation of any business; therefore, they need utmost care and management. SAP B1 has a dedicated toolset for financial operations. It assists in reducing manual errors, promotes profitable decision-making and improves the margin. It has several tools which cover all the ERP financial needs of the organisation.

Purchase and inventory management

Better purchasing practices, controlled costs and managed cycles, SAP helps SMEs achieve all these. The tools SAP B1 offers covers all the aspects of procurement, payments and receipts, warehouse, accounts integration and more. Real-time data reports can be obtained to aid the processes.

Customer and sales management

Another crucial business aspect monitored by this ERP solution is sales and customer management. Customer lifecycle, sales processes, services and after-sale support, businesses can manage these efficiently. SAP B1 tools handle everything from sales, customers, services, marketing, analysis and more.

Analytics and reports

SAP B1 software fetches the complete business data from all sources and centralizes it into a unified user interface. It is instantly available in the form of real-time data across all dashboards and reports generated. Organisations and make better and profitable decisions with this smart approach.

Business Intelligence

SAP ERP software is a smart way to create, customise and access reports of the data from across the business. With the analytics tools available, a business can gain deep insight into business data and generate useful information to make better business decisions.

SAP Business 1 is designed with the aim to meet the ERP needs of all small and medium enterprises across various industries. It processes and streamlines the organization’s functions and data and manages every aspect of the business. The 360-degree view can help the businesses determine the areas of growth and save their way to success efficiently.