SAP's HANA – An Unrivaled Technology

SAP's HANA – An Unrivaled Technology

SAP HANA (high-performance analytic appliance) is a cutting-edge database technology provided by SAP. It is a relational database which supports a diversified range of Business Intelligence, ERP Solutions and other business applications. HANA, unlike databases, resides in memory and allows the CPU to directly access the data. SAP HANA has shaken up the Business Intelligence applications and its innovative structure and unmatched speed revolutionized the way the businesses used to deal with data.

Learn and explore about SAP HANA and how it beneficial for your business. Let’s start without any delay.

What does it mean?

In simple terms, SAP high-performance analytic application or HANA refers to an application using in-memory database technology. This allows the processing of massive data in a short time. Designed to process structured data from relational database it can be used both for transactional and analytical processes. The revolutionary technology infuses in-memory computing and columnar database management system (DBMS), tremendously enhancing the pace of operations. It comes with extreme customizations facilities, easy usage, great functionality and excellent compatibility with other databases.

Best from the Rest – Know How?

The traditional form of the database management system requires data to be stored on disk. If the information was required to be accessed, the data first had to be loaded into memory. This was a slow process indeed. It wouldn’t have allowed your business to take real-time decisions and get instant analytics.

On the contrary, SAP HANA is an in memory database management system. This means that it cannot be limited by the speed of the hard drive. The Business’s ERP data is already in memory and it can be read, changed or added instantly. This enables to take quick and faster decisions while obtaining real-time analytics and decisions.


Being a high-performance analytic Appliance, SAP HANA never disappoints you with is features. Let’s explore this side of it.

  • The in-memory platform is capable of processing massive transactional and operational database in real-time.
  • Along with real-time decision making, various advanced data processing features are infused in it such as predictive analytics, spatial and graph data processing, streaming analytics, real-time insights etc.
  • Helps you manage massive database and take instant actions to process high-speed transactions and analytics.
  • With SAP HANA, you have the 360-degree business view by accessing data from internal or external sources.
  • It helps you simplify the system administration and operations with the tools with which you can monitor the process, ensure complete security and gain uninterrupted availability.
  • With HANA, you can rely on supreme software security and encryption and keep your business communication, data and services secure.
  • It simplifies the system through hardware simplification, maintenance, operations and monitoring.
  • All the data, communication and applications services are secured with the robust security system of SAP HANA.

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